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Welcome to the official website of Jenny Mod. Get a beautiful girlfriend in your Minecraft universe.


Are you searching Jenny Mod for Minecraft to Download? If yes, then Congratulations! you have visited the right website. Here we have shared Jenny Mod’s Latest version .jr file to download for Free. It is one of the most demanding Minecraft MODs as of now in 2023. We can not explain it in a fully open manner, because it is an NSFW Type MOD. However, On this website, you can easily Download and install Jenny Mod to your Minecraft Game and enjoy a Virtual Girlfriend. If you are new and don’t know much about this MOD Then let me explain What Jenny Mod is.

What Is Jenny Mod?

Jenny Mod is an Addon for Minecraft that gives you a Virtual Girlfriend in the Game. It was developed by SlipperyT a Minecraft Animator in 2018. This addon has become popular among Minecraft Gamers because of this unique thing. As we know Minecraft Game means own made Virtual World. There are countless MODs and Addons available to decorate your world in the Game. In the same way, Jenny Mod allows you to have a beautiful female character as your Girlfriend. She will do everything that a Real-life girlfriend does for her Boyfriend. You can take her to Dinner, You can do a dance with her, or you can do it Physically with her in the Game.

Overall Jenny mod is a perfect and must-needed Addon for every Minecraft Gamer. There are many characters like Jenny, Ellie, Slime Girl, Bee, Luna, Allie, Kobolds, and Goblins. You can take any of them as your GF and also offer various services using in-game currencies. Here on this website, you can Download the latest version of Jenny Mod for Free. Before that let us tell you more amazing features of this MOD.

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Who is Jenny?

Jenny is a beautiful charming girl in the game that lets players read to have fun in their virtual world of Minecraft PE (Pocket Edition). What does PE mean?

Usually, people avoid having a pocket edition in the game because it provides users with only one girl which is really not acceptable. Well, who cares!

Let’s come to our topic. Yes, Jenny also has some powers that make her more attractive in the game. Like, she doesn’t exchange the mob in the game. To make Jenny appear the player must go into the inventory and locate a unique egg that will make Jenny. Hope it’s clear!

Now it’s time to move forward to its wonderful features.

Special Features of Jenny Mod

This wonderful mod of Minecraft has some features that make its appearance more unique in the market. Let’s discuss some of them!

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Quick Recovery

Jenny Mod is not just a partner in your game she also has some amazing abilities and quick recovery is one of them. This amazing feature indicates that you can face challenges or adversity without any problem with your beautiful charming partner.

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Easily Adjustable

If you are a Minecraft user then this feature will be an interesting one for you because in this mod you have the ability to change things like you can easily customize your partner’s hair, her clothes, and even her skin color. Sounds good!

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Teleportation Ability

Another amazing feature of Jenny Mod is that she can teleport herself like Enderman which is the most attractive aspect I personally recommend. Because it’s so cool that your partner can jump from one place to another. Isn’t it?

Make your relationship with “Jenny” and experience this feature with her.

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Simple To Employ

Jenny Mod mod is easy to use, so it doesn’t matter how smart you are or how much education you’ve done. Explore this amazing feature and enjoy your virtual girlfriend as she can obey whatever you want in the game with her.

Beside Virtual Characters Like Jenny

There are several other wonderful characters in the game like Jenny that can never be forgettable. Here’s some of them!

  • Ellie
  • Bee
  • Luna
  • Slime Girl
  • Kobolds
  • Allie
  • Goblins

You can take any of them as your GF “Girlfriend” and enjoy yourself with them.

Furthermore, You can also see the overall usage of these characters so it can be more useful for you below in the screenshot.


Are you looking for a reliable and trustworthy source to download Jenny MOD? You are at the right place. Get unlimited resources and unique features for free by downloading the mod from the official source. Get the Latest version today and begin exploring.

Jenny Mod
NameJenny Mod
Size26.37 MB
DeveloperSlippery Tum
Updated On4th April 2023

Download Now

To get the download link, all you need to do is just go through the middle of the table there you can see a “Download for Java” or “Download for Mobile” button just click on the button and that’s it!


The purpose behind creating this section is to make your imaginary thoughts more clear about Jenny Mod. We discuss this by displaying you a few screenshots. You can see your virtual girlfriend’s image in different forms that help you recognize her. Hope it’s clear!

Requirements of Jenny Mod

You just need to download one application before moving forward to the installation procedure.

How To Download Jenny Mod For Minecraft?

After Downloading It, You Need to follow the following steps to Install this Add-on in your Minecraft Univers :

Step 1: Find a reputable source like to download the MOD. It is important to make sure you are downloading it from a trusted website like ours, as some versions of Jenny Mod may contain viruses or other harmful components.

Step 2: Click on the download link for the latest version of Jenny Minecraft Mod. Make sure the version is compatible with your Windows PC.

Step 3: After Downloading this mod You need to Download and Install Forge for Installing this Mod On Your Minecraft Game.

Step 4: After downloading and installing the Forge app, open it up and create a custom profile. Name the profile whatever you like and make sure to select the Jenny Mod version.

Step 5: After creating the custom profile, navigate to your downloads folder and copy the mod file that you have downloaded.

Step 6: Go back to the Forge app and click on the customer profile that you created earlier. Click on the “Open Folder” button to open up the folder where the mod files should be placed.

Step 7: Once you are in the folder, paste the file.

Step 8: Launch Minecraft using the CurseForge app and create a new single-player world.

Step 9: Once you are in the world, type in “Jenny” in the search bar and she should spawn in the world. Enjoy playing with the Jenny Mod!

How To Install Jenny Mod In Minecraft?

As I previously said in the requirements section before the process of installation you must have Minecraft Forge installed in your system.

Now, if you don’t know about this it’s really necessary for you to understand this because without it you’re not allowed to install any mod in Minecraft. Minecraft Forge is considered one of the most famous loaders in the market; it can help add mods to your Minecraft game without any problem.

Let’s come back to our topic. Now you just have to follow the steps which are given below:

Step 1: Install Minecraft Forge

Download Minecraft forge loader from the official website name Just follow the instructions on the site and set up the loader correctly.

Step 2: Find Your Minecraft Mod Folder

  • Just open the Curse Forge application.
  • Choose Minecraft on the Curse Forge loader.
  • After that create a “custom profile” and choose the new file name according to your need.
  • Select the Minecraft version just like “1.12.2″ or something like that.
  • Choose your favorite profile name (My favorite name is Allie)
  • Tap on the Create button.
  • After that tap the profile on the dashboard of Curseforge that we have just created.
  • Choose the 3 dots to load the files correctly.
  • In order to open the mod folder just choose “Open Folder and then open it.
  • Copy the Jenny Mod files and paste them here like on the screenshot given below.

Now, come back to the dashboard to locate the Jenny Mod folder below in the section of “installed mods”

Well, the patience is over, you’re all set to play this amazing mod. Click on the “play” button to start the game. Enjoy yourself!


Could I employ the Jenny Mod in multiplayer mode?

Yes, Jenny Mod is capable for every player it doesn’t matter whether it is a single-player or multiplayer mod.

Is Jenny Mod compatible with all versions of Minecraft?

Well, sorry to say “No” because this mod of Minecraft is specially designed to just work with Minecraft versions 1.16.x and 1.17.x.

Is it properly safe to utilize the Jenny Mod?

Yes, you can employ this mod without facing any problems.
Remember to download every mod through a reputable source to protect your device.

Can I download Jenny Mod Free of Cost?

Yes, every person can be able to download this mod through our site without paying anything. It’s totally free for our audience.


As we come closer to finishing the article. I just wanna say this mod of Minecraft is one of the most popular mods because Jenny Mod is rarely the first time in the history of this game a mod happened that gives players the advantage of having a virtual girlfriend in the game.

Yes, it’s also very important to remember that this mod is only accessible for 18-year-old persons, not for boys. Try this amazing mod and enjoy your virtual girlfriends in the game as well as make your wish come true which is taking your girlfriend to dinner while standing in the game.

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